Phil Jaber

Phil Jaber

Man Behind Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee founder Phil Jaber (pronounced “jah-ber”) is conquering the world one Philz location at a time with love, faith, and truth as his anthem. There are 14 Northern California locations with plans to launch several more this year including in Southern California starting with Santa Monica. The Philz client roster includes Facebook, Google, and Twitter to name a few. Those not familiar with Philz may assume it is another mass produced coffee chain. “The beauty about our shop is each one has its own culture, its own community. I’m not a cookie cutter. I will never be a cookie cutter,” said Jaber emphatically.

Born in Palestine before 1967 and a native of Northern California’s East Bay, Jaber became passionate about coffee as a child when he stole sips of the dark potion at family gatherings. “Coffee made me active and alert. They didn’t have liquor. They had a cup of coffee or tea. You were lucky to have a cookie with it. They used to tell me, ‘Don’t drink coffee. You’re too young,’” chuckled Jaber.

Jaber became an entrepreneur as an eight-year-old when he would sell coffee to passersby from his family’s front yard and candy at a bus stop for a family friend who owned a local supermarket. “I like to make my own living. I know how to make money. I don’t ask anyone for help,” said Jaber.