Unconscious Bias: The Biggest Thing Keeping You from Building the Next Unicorn!

We all know the critical building blocks of a company - the best people, culture, product and customers.  The one thing we almost always forget about is unconscious bias. We may not go after certain market, hires, features or even VC’s - your unconscious bias can keep you from making the right decision to propel your passion into a billion dollar company.  When we think of unconscious bias, we often think of what we are lacking when it’s more about creating a culture of inclusion - one that fosters innovation and growth.  

Whether it’s producing something we are comfortable with, ensuring our research aligns and supports our existing beliefs, putting disproportionately high value on the products we were involved in creating, believing something just because others do or just making decisions based on the future value of our product and investments, learn how to overcome these unconscious biases!