Naeem Zafar

The Art of Getting Your Startup Funded: 28 Questions your investors will ask

The workshop will demystify the process of identifying the right investors and how to approach them.  We will also talk about the 7-step process of getting funding including how to negotiate with investors.  We will cover all topics including preferred shares, SAFE, convertible notes,  cap tables, term-sheets and certain traps that one should be aware of.   …..

Naeem Zafar has been teaching at the University of California since 2005. He is a lecturer and Industry Fellow at the at the Center of Entrepreneurship and Technology. He is also the Professor of the Practice at Brown University. He teaches courses in Entrepreneurship, Technology Strategy, Innovation and New Venture Finance at Brown and Berkeley.

Naeem is also a serial entrepreneur and currently the co-founder and CEO of TeleSense, a company creating solution in the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) space. Previously he co-founded and served as the CEO of Bitzer Mobile, an enterprise security and mobility company that was acquired by Oracle in November 2013.

Naeem started his own business at the age of 26 and subsequently went on to start, or work at, six startups. His first job out of Brown University with a degree in electrical engineering was to design chips and electronic systems. Twenty years, two kids, one IPO and three CEO stints later, he founded Startup- Advisor, a company focused on educating and advising entrepreneurs on all aspects of starting and running a business (www.Startup-Advisor.com).

Naeem has authored five books on entrepreneurship on topics ranging from conducting market research to seeking the right funding to successful ways to start a business. Information can be found on www.NaeemZafar.com. His books including “7-Steps to a Successful Startup” are also available on Amazon.com, Kindle and on the iTunes App store.