Fireside Chat With Farah Ali, Gaming, AI & Tech Leader @ EA

Farah Ali is a Vice President of Engineering for the Player and Developer Experience (PDE) group at EA reporting to the CTO. She has previously held leadership roles at Microsoft and eBay.  We invite you to a Fireside chat with Farah  so you can learn about the paths she took from the schools of Karachi to her first job at Microsoft, what she envisions as the future of AI for the industry and her passion to pay it forward by empowering others to thrive in their careers. She has a passion for technology, for making an impact on the world and for building innovative products that solve compelling problems.

Her engineering experience is diverse; she has worked on everything from shrink wrap products to online services, large scale distributed systems and machine learning. Her love of gaming brought her to Electronic Arts where she is particularly happy about "being part of a company that combines technology with creativity in such a unique way. As part of the core Platform team at EA she gets to work with some really smart people to build scalable products and services that power the player network." She is a seasoned technology leader who has experience building and leading cross functional teams. Super passionate about diversity in the workplace and a champion for inclusive practices. 

Farah is an executive sponsor for the Anita Borg partnership at EA and for the Girls Who Code summer program. Diversity Journal named her as one of their “women worth watching in STEM” winners in 2017. In her spare time she loves reading and anything to do with the arts, travelling, playing games with her 2 daughters and working on her passion projects as a founder of two non-profits (One Good Act and Pakistani Women in Computing). For her detailed experience you can see her LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/farahmali/