Who We Are

OPEN Silicon Valley was founded in 2001 by Entrepreneurs and Corporate Executives to foster entrepreneurship and professional execellence.  Today it serves the bay area and CA community with over 4000 entrepreneurs. OPEN SV  was formed as  a non-profit business association dedicated to providing educational programs, career coaching, business mentoring and network opportunities for the entrepreneural and professional community.  It has programs for women and students to promote entrepreneurship  and career growth. OPEN provides a gateway to rewarding connections and accessibility to influential members in the community.

Our mission is to educate and connect the professional community in Silicon Valley through workshops, events and mentoring opportunities. Our key goals for our members are:

  • Facilitate and encourage entrepreneurship.
  • Promote professionalism in corporate world and hold educational programs for  success. 
  • Promote and provide growth opportunities within the greater silicon valley community.
  • Provide mentorship to enterprising individuals through a variety of programs designed to challenge and empower them.
  • Hold networking events among local professionals and influential individuals. 
  • Recognize accomplishments of successful entrepreneurs and professionals.

OPEN Connect

Enabling meaningful connections in the community. Events are held nearly every month. Our goal is to bring everyone together so they can establish relationships, expand their professional network, and uncover professional opportunities in the Silicon Valley and beyond.

OPEN Mentor

Great opportunity for our members to connect with other successful members of our community with a proven track record and get specific advice on business issues or career development. Please contact us and let us know what your particular needs are so we can connect with you the right people.

OPEN Events

We have over 30 events a year.  Our key flagship event happens once a year which pulls in over a 1000 professionals. This bustling event has everything from special keynotes, panels, interviews, workshops, networking opportunities and exhibitions. We encourage everyone to partake in making this event as successful as it can be.

OPEN Youth

Putting the youth of our community (high school and above) in the driver's seat as they set up and host their own events while operating their own Board. They also host an annual Youth Forum which has plenty of fun panels and provides opportunities for the youth looking to take their lives to the next level.