PCBs to ICs - strategic developments in Pakistan?

Semiconductor industry and the system-on-a-chip SoC’s or ICs or chips are key enablers of the modern economies from data-processing brains for products, from smartphones to cars, spacecraft, from wearable’s to robotics. SoC/IP design today is highly globalized. China has become the largest consumer of semiconductor devices and is boosting its indigenous semiconductor design and development. The industry has branched-off from advanced, established locations to countries like Vietnam, Sri Lanka creating high-value jobs and new opportunities.

Can Pakistan the 5th most populous country play a role in the +400 Billion industry?

In this session entreprenurs from the PCB manufacturing space and SoC space will share their experiences. Talk about the success of PCB industry. Discuss challenges that have blocked progression from PCB to SoC/Chip design in Pakistan. Explore SoC/IP design opportunities; for startups, services and multi-nationals. Join the discussion!