Digital Universe: AI Today and Tomorrow

A Foundational panel for discussing the fourth Industrial Revolution being led by digitization of all businesses.  Amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence with Human intelligence gives us new paradigms in Autonomous driving, Machine Learning, Deep learning, Natural language processing, Actionable video streams, Big data revealing strategic patterns.

A panel consisting of thinkers and exponents of AI from leading institutions (Google, Amazon, Tesla etc.)  would take you on a thrilling discussion and give insight on the new space race of our times for national pride, new ventures, disruptive businesses and exciting technologies.

Moderator: Waqas Khan

OPEN Charter Member. Serial Entrepreneur. Involved with Multiple Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Lake and Actionable Image streaming projects for Autonomous driving, Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation and Emergency Services Markets.


Artificial Intelligence is the new frontier in technology. Hear from top executives of companies like Amazon and Google, as well as professors from the leading universities on Artificial Intelligence and the opportunities it presents. This panel will give you insights into world of AI like no other. Discover where you can focus for successful ventures as well as for professional excellence. Moderated by Waqas Khan