Jafar Safdar

Jafar Safdar

Semiconductor Marketing & Management Professional

Strong product marketing and applications experience in the semiconductor, EDA and IP industry from established process nodes to 16/14/10/7-nm FinFET process nodes. Proven background in developing and maintaining strategic collaborations with top fabless companies worldwide, in tandem with key internal and external stakeholders and ecosystem partners such as TSMC, Global Foundries, Intel Custom Foundry, Samsung, SMIC and ARM; to meet sales and technical targets.

Core competencies:
• Proven experience of developing strategic relationships in mobile and cloud computing, automotive, IoT, Networking facilitating on-time design tapeouts and meeting Performance Power Area (PPA) and lower cost goals.
• +10 Years of product marketing management experience, positioning, segmented marketing, competitive analysis/strategies, technology initiatives, customer partnerships, roadmap, tactical and strategic prioritizations to meet top 10 SoC/ASIC/FPGA customer goals and grow overall market share.
• Cognizant of EDA, IP and semiconductor new technology areas such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), autonomous automobiles (ADAS, V2X), key design enablers and emerging markets.
• Detailed knowledge of SoC/ASIC/FPGA design implementation platform from synthesis, design re-use, floorplanning, placement, clock tree synthesis, routing to signoff.
• Strong problem solving skills, a proven track record of working across diversified teams worldwide.
• Seasoned in delivering presentations, hosting panels and webinars at semiconductor / EDA industry events such as Design Automation Conference (DAC), Synopsys Users Group (SNUG) and TSMC/ARM Tech Symposiums.