Asif Alam

Asif Alam

Advisor to the CEO of Crux Informatics

Asif Alam is currently Advisor to the CEO of Crux Informatics, a financial services startup with focus Data and Analytics.

 Prior to Crux Informatics, Asif was Senior Vice President at Thomson Reuters. During his 17 years at Thomson Reuters, Asif demonstrated a strong ability to blend technical expertise with business acumen to initiate and drive business expansion, form key alliances as well as buildout of new products and services in profitable revenue streams. Asif has inherent passion for AI and Machine Learning; while at Thomson Reuters he started a new Machine Learning initiative serving quantitative traders and then expanding the product to the entire capital markets making it a $200 million annual subscription service.


Being a thought leader in SaaS, Cloud & Big Data, Asif is frequent speaker at industry events and blogs frequently. Asif has served on the technology advisory board of Amazon, Google, Cisco, and Salesforce.