Imran Jaffer

Imran Jaffer

Founder and CEO, Total Wealth Solutions.


Imran Jaffer is the founder and CEO of Total Wealth Solutions.  He is the Chief Wealth Strategist that focuses on building client relationships that last for generations. Recently featured in TOP 100 people in finance for 2019.   

Total Wealth Solutions, commonly known as TWS, has a simple but effective business model that Imran and his team of talented financial advisors have relied on since the company’s founding in 2003. It is to provide transparent, prudent, and time-tested wealth strategies which strive to ultimately result in financial security and capital retention.

Imran’s career in finance dates back to 1998, when he was a certified financial manager for Merrill Lynch. As a top-ranking specialist and highly-praised, creative, strategic planner at the firm, he quickly grew an impressive roster of loyal clients and established valuable resources that would be of great benefit in his next career progression as an independent business owner.

Before long, Imran had TWS up and running and it quickly gained momentum, earning the devotion of many high-net-worth individuals and influential families. Aided by a team of capable advisors, hand-selected by Imran, the firm established itself as a worthy competitor within a saturated market through its commitment to five-star service and laser-focused attention to the unique needs of each client.

The core capabilities of TWS include capital growth, wealth preservation, passive income, legacy planning, and tax minimization and their clientele are almost exclusively referrals from accountants, attorneys, medical and technology professionals, business owners, and existing clients. When asked about his secret for success, Imran humbly states, “I believe in growing with my clients at every stage of their financial cycle. I make myself available to guide and educate them because as we all know, knowledge is power.”

Imran has been recognized as a leading wealth strategist and has shared his experience/knowledge on global investing at events and conferences nationwide. He holds FINRA registrations, including Series 7, 24, 63, and 65 through LPL Financial; member of FINRA/SIPC, and received his degree in finance from the prestigious University of California, Berkeley

Equally attentive to the community, Imran supports organizations that benefit education, health, and the impoverished. When he is not engaged with assisting a client or involved in a philanthropic endeavor, he enjoys spending time with his family.