Fariha Chaudry

Fariha Chaudry

Director, Program Management and Marketing Technology

Technology and Engineering Development Leader

Fariha is an empathetic and collaborative leader who thrives in fast paced, innovation-led organizations.  As an expert in Engineering, R&D and Program Management, she has led the development of innovative marketing solutions for the healthcare, insurance and consumer industries. Also, as an agile pioneer, she has increased product velocity by setting up fast-paced development programs across multiple geographies. Her career spans large companies, startups, non-profits and government organizations:

• She has defined and created the development and execution capabilities for the marketing platform of a 5,000+ person healthcare technology provider

• She has managed the technical implementation for registration, enrollment and access for 12,000+ public health stakeholders at one of North America’s leading government healthcare portals.

• She has led the successful integration of corporate acquisitions at the technical, product and process levels.

• She has started and led Program Management offices as start-ups, mid-size and global organizations. 

• She has successfully helped grow Skyhook from a 25 person startup to one of the premier providers of location based personalization technologies, with a successful exit to Liberty Media, a Fortune 1000 conglomerate. Previously, she led the growth of Agencyport, an innovative insurance personalization startup which was acquired by Accenture’s insurance division.

• As a Director of the Board of one of the largest and most progressive faith-based non-profits in the Boston area, she has led community outreach, especially to the youth members. She also instituted processes to allow more efficient scaling of the overall organization.